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In this net of lies - a song is born

And we let you have a look over our shoulders! In several short parts, we're showing the progress - unadorned. So, be prepared to also hear rehearsal records that went not well :D Let's go!

Lyrics (German)

Let's start with the lyrics. They are in German, but we'll provide a hopefully proper translation, later.

Es ist weg, ja - weggefegt;
ersetzt durch ein Gefühl, dass Nichts mehr geht;

Mein Weltbild ist zerfallen;
hab' kein Feindbild mehr, um mich festzuhalten...

"Wir sind die Guten" und wir kämpfen für das Recht -
wenn ich jetzt daran denke, wird mir schle-

echt! Friedlich vor'm Fernseher einzudösen, geht nicht mehr,
denn dort labern die Bösen von Krieg für Frieden...

In diesem Netz der Lügen -
Wach nicht auf, Du bist allein!
In diesem Netz der Lügen -
Träume weiter, tief und fest -
und die Welt bleibt heiter...

Ob 1931 in China,
oder 2014 in der Ukraine;

Unter falscher Flagge wird die Welt gerettet,
und Deine eigene Meinung angekettet.

Bis heute funktioniert das wunderbar,
die Guten träumen ihr'n gerächten Schlaf.

Um den willst Du Dich doch wohl nicht bringen,
man stellt keine Fragen, wenn die Führer singen... von Krieg für Frieden...

REFRAIN (instrumental)

Seit 1996 gibt's das Internet,
seit 2005 ist youtube so nett,

Jedem zu erlauben, sich ein Bild zu machen,
welchen Frieden all die Kriege wirklich schaffen!

Schlimmer noch; Man kann Fragen stellen,
warum Flugzeugwracks verschwinden, statt zu zerschellen;

Man kann die Lüge seh'n, mit der ein Krieg beginnt,
und sich selbst mal fragen, wer der Böse ist - und wessen Führer spinnt...!

In diesem Netz der Lügen -
Wach nicht auf, Du bist allein!
In diesem Netz der Lügen;
träume weiter, tief und fest -
und die Welt bleibt heiter...

In diesem Netz der Lügen -
Wach ruhig auf, Du bist nicht allein!
In diesem Netz der Lügen -
Träum nicht weiter; stelle fest: Das ist uns're Welt! Komm mit;
Wir machen sie heiter! :D

Text: Michael Schreiber, 2016
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Computer Love :D

The lyrics were ready, next came the music. I already had an idea, but that tune fitted way more to another song. So, back from scratch; which emotions do I feel when singing the lyrics? Should it be dark? Hm... no, rather cynical, angry, a bit defiant, but still hopeful, promising in the end. That's how I wanted that song.

The riff for the refrain was found quickly. The verse took longer... the guitar made quite some tempo, but needed more rhythm. So, why not preparing the bass line, as well, to see how both would play along?

Firt I tried playing the same on guitar and bass. That showed, which parts felt boring, and also at which parts the bass should be dominant or hold back a bit. Of course, this could only be a rough draft, since I had no clue what Jay would play on the drums. I could but prepare a dummy track with a simple beat to help me with the timing. But I am no drummer. Drummers have a different feeling, I grock, which is quite natural to me, since I am no Larry Graham who mastered compensating a missing drumset with his bass playing skills (awesome, by the way! ;O) As drummer, Jay would provide not just the beat but also rhythm parts that complement the guitar rhythm.

I was happy with the refrain, but the verse needed a counter theme on the bass. The guitar provided the tempo straightforward; the bass should shake to the sides.

The idea came - but what to do with it? If I recorded it, the others would have a hard time figuring out, what I was trying to achieve.

For the first time, TuxGuitar came to use; a computer program similar to GuitarPro, but open source and free. You can enter scores, save and share them - and let the computer play it for you. I just had to type in, what I was playing on the guitars. Simple as that - but first I had to set up a simple drum beat. Otherwise, I would have been lost in time :D playing out of beat and making our drummer angry. And you never ever wanna make your drummer angry :D

Said and done, the guitar lines have been typed in:

Screenshot showing a part of the computer score

The other fellows would be able to see the score, let the computer play it in different speeds, and evaluate the draft.

This is it - sounds kinda cute, doesn't it? :D

Doesn't play? No problem - you can download the MP3 >> HERE <<.

In the next part, Jay and myself give it a try. Be prepared for a rehearsal room record; unadorned and raw. Stay tuned :D

See you next time!
Kind regards,
~ Michael

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First Try!

Jay and myself gave it a first try; Jay on drums and me on vocals and guitar. In a later part, Markus will join in with the bass. So, here just drums, guitar and vocals are involved - unadored and untamed :D

Doesn't play? No problem - You can download the MP3 >> HERE << .

This was recorded in our rehearsal room. The intention is not to sound nice. At this early stage, it shall allow us to hear what we have tried. So, we want to be able to hear each instrument and evaluate what's bad and what's worth improving. For the drums, 3 microphones have been used. For guitar and vocals, 1 one microphone has been used for each, respectively. Main concern still is that the vocal microphone picks up way too much of the drums. However, since we recorded multiple tracks, we can mute the vocals and evaluate the drum beats; to see what fits, and what's rather unamusing :D Nevertheless, we hope you liked to risk a peek into our rehearsal room - as noisy as it is :D

This is what the recording looks like on the computer:

Screenshot showing the recorded tracks in a computer program

As for myself, I liked the high tempo of our first try. Compared to the computer draft, it is faster. Of course, I hear, that I was not prepared for that. Jay started on the drums and I just felt like "Yeahaa" - caught by the drums, I could nothing but follow, and it was fun! :D

The first draft has been played. What comes next is: see what needs being improved, let the bass join in, then practice, practice, practice. Until we have fun playing and listening to it afterwards; and it's fun for you, too. That's the goal :D

I hope, you liked this part. Stay tuned! :D
Greetz and kind regards,
~ Michael

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Fiiiiinally finished - with our new line-up:

Schlagzeug: Jay
Bass+Gesang: Michael
Gitarre: Christopher

Here's our brand new demo - we hope you like it:

Doesn't play? No problem - You can download the MP3 >> HERE << .

Recorded in our rehearsal room, surely audible :D But without tricks; what you hear is as authentic as I could mix it with my limited experience. No shining production; but as close to the live performance as we can get it.

We hope you like the song!
Stay tuned \m/
~ Michael

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