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2017-02-22: New Year, New Luck!

We hope, 2017 started great for you, as well!

Though, sad news first: Markus had to quit, unfortunately. A shame, since it was fun with him on the bass. You can hear him play the bass on two rehearsals we really had much fun - at soundcloud under:

Ich hasse Jeden

Endlich wieder lachen

They are in German, but English translation are provided, there, as well. English versions are coming later. First I have to grok, how to translate them properly :D

The first song is about being picky whenever someone wants to tell me what I should wear (first verse), what I may say (second verse), whereas the refrain is a confession: "I hate everybody - who tries to take my freedom away!" That's also to what the song title translates to. The third verse is a change in perspective; from myself to what my country is doing to others; seeking understanding for refugees, fleeing, and seeking shelter in my home country.

The two songs are connected by the German sentence, which translates to "In this country, we really could: Have some fun!" Or something like that. Kind of odd, I know :D but there is a connection between those two songs, because the second verse of the second song is based on a real story that a colleague of mine told me. He's from Syria, and helped in a refugee camp as translator in language lessons. One day, he tried to communicate with a guy, but it did not work. That day's lesson was about animal names, so since words didn't help, they immitated sounds typical for those animals - and they both burst out in laughter; just what the whole song is about: Laughing together!

The other two verses of the second song are about laughing at work (first verse), and an unreal seeming scenery (third verse) of a bunch of people (soldier, prejudiced guy, punks, police-men) having a drink together and making the most of it: Laughing together :D

I hope you like the two rehearsal records!

The Good News Is

that we already found a replacement: Me :D on the bass and Christopher, who took over the guitar, and already did a great job. Be prepared for another new peek into our rehearsal room, next time! Then, as usual with Jay's solid drumming; with a fresh guitar, good-old Rickenbacker bass sound, but finally through a real tube Ampeg \m/

Stay tuned! :D
~ Michael

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2016-12-23: Thank you! :D

Thank you for encouraging and supporting us - this year was way too silent; due to illnesses, and personal tragedies - 2017 will be much LOUDER, promised! :D

Have a GREAT Xmas and a Happy New Year! \m/

Stay tuned! \m/ :D

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2016-11-14: Still alive! :D

The summer break was longer than expected; illness, surgeries, and tragedies... amazing, what can happen at such a small time in such density.

"Ill weeds grow apace" it is, right? We're almost back on track - and even that long pause was not wasted. All new songs for the new album have been drafted already during summer. The recordings will begin early 2017, January/February, if everything goes well. Until then, we should be back in form. We'll share new previews with you, as well.

Stay tuned! \m/ :D

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