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2017-07-19: Das System

"People suffer - but The System does not!"
As promised, here our new demo: Das System (eng. The System).

Doesn't play? No problem - You can download the MP3 >> HERE << .

We hope you like it! And hopefully I have learned to mix it a bit better :D Thanks to our test listeners, especially Jutti, and J.T. for the help!

If you're interested to hear how the mix evolved, you can listen to the different stages at soundcloud; the mixes there are in reverse order from newest to oldest (Mix A):

The next demo will come next month -

Stay tuned! :D
~ Michael

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2017-07-19: In diesem Netz der Lügen

"In this net of lies - don't wake up, you are alone!"
Finally, the final part: The demo of "In diesem Netz der Lügen" (In this Net of Lies) is online!

>> CLICK HERE << .

We hope you like it!

Stay tuned! :D
~ Michael

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2017-03-31: New Demo: Wie oft

Handwritten German song title: Wie oft. Below the internet address and the band logo are shown.

As promised, finally, we have a new demo for you - with Christopher on the guitar, who did a good job. We hope, you like it, too!

You can listen and download the new track at Bandcamp:

Wie oft (fast Version)

The song title means "How often...?!" The song is about those moments, when I ask myself "Why?!" The verses reflect such moments, like when you had a great idea - but risked too much; when the girlfriend calls - and breaks up; when you say what you think - and they're having a go at you: Those moments. The refrain is about coping with that; hurt pride, so what? Could be worse. I don't give up that quickly - Another wrong turn in life? I don't care!

If you like the song, support us; buy it, share it (offline) with your friends, send us a tweet or on facebook and be part of the crew. #JAWOLL!

Let's set sail together - into a good time! \m/

Thanks for your support!
~ Michael

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